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drakoboi—Male Escort for Men

Empathetic, Sensual, Tattooed, Pierced, Intriguing, Erotic

“You are the sexiest man I've been with since coming back to Newcastle.”

“Just the way you touch me …”

“You give the best blowjobs.”

“… keen for you to blow me again …”

“Thank you for being genuine.”

Oral, massage, metal, touch, worship, play, anal, intimacy, adventure, colour and ecstasy from a passionate, caring, intelligent, quirky, empathetic guy dedicated to your pleasure.

Whether you are looking for passion, gentleness, fierceness, empathy, grace, care, a confessor, or someone to love the skin you're in, you have found the right man. And for those looking for a little kink, I can offer piercings, exhibitionism, watersports, spanking, wax, e-stim, role play, sounding, and toy play. While my preference is oral, I am also happy to top if that enhances your pleasure.

We can meet at the beach, a suitable outdoor setting, attend a function, eat at a great restaurant, or cum to your place or a discreet hotel.

I love working with first-timers, those exploring their sexuality, and those with physical disabilities or who are neurodivergent. Also, I am available for group play.

Escort Details

AUD400/hour or AUD2100 for 6 to 8 hours

I don't host or work out of a brothel. I come to you.

I am based in Newcastle, Australia—hence the moniker, NewyDrako, used on Escort websites. When I am travelling elsewhere I will try and add travel details here well in advance.



I am going on tour the beginning of August! That's right, I am taking my body, my cock, and my mouth on a tour around northern NSW. I need a minimum of five clients to make this happen but you are guaranteed two hours of my time and I am charging only $500 per person. All the details are here.


I am on the road (well, train) this month—heading to Wollongong on the 17th and back in Newcastle late on the 19th. So, on the theme of travelling, I am offering a 25% discount to my first three clients to book appointments for a motel or similar session. Doesn't include car sex. I will let you know when we are booking whether you are one of the lucky three. Happy trails. 😜
PS: If you are in Wollongong I have time for a couple of clients while I am there.


I have been added to the referral list of Touching Base, Inc. “Touching Base supports the intrinsic right of people with disability, including older people with disability, to sexual expression and physical intimacy, and values the professional services that sex workers provide to members of the community, including those living with disability.” (from their Mission Statement)

About Me

I am neurodivergent, a nerd, empathetic and sensual, and an exhibitionist. I love to read, swim at the beach, explore new places, take photos, cook, play tabletop role playing games and video games, and be naked.

I have lived overseas and love to travel. I am or have been a youth worker, a family historian, a photographer, a priest, married, a carer, and an author.

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I don't answer voice calls but I can be messaged on Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal or email using the following QR codes.

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Escort Terms

First booking is always for an hour session only.

I don't know how your body will react to my stimulation. I cannot guarantee that you will orgasm. I can guarantee that you will have an awesome time with me.

I am a top and I always use a condom when engaging in anal.

Payment is in cash which must be present up front though I will not take the cash until our time is over. Payment can also be made via Osko in Australia with half paid as I meet you and the other half at the end.

Meals, tickets, motel and your travel are your responsibility. When based in Newcastle travel past Swansea, Singleton or Karuah requires minimum 2 hours payment. When I'm travelling I require an extra hour of payment whenever coming to you takes 45 minutes or more.

Video and photography require extra time to set up, so a two hour session is the minimum required. The finished product costs:

AUD135 for a minimum of 10 photos provided digitally
AUD45 per minute of edited video, minimum three minutes

You must be of legal age to give consent for sex in the jurisdiction in which we meet.

In jurisdictions where prostitution or paid sex work is illegal, the discussion of rates and exchange of money is for the time we spend together. The discussion of sex in any context and at anytime, regardless of its intended purposes in asking, will be discussed by me strictly from my personal preferences and NOT in any type of context that might be construed as an exchange for money, even if implicitly described as such by either party(s).